Diagram showing HEDscan system - Helmet - Sensors - MultiChassis - Field Compensation - Shielded Room - Graphic User Interface
Wearable Smart Helmet Chassis Quantum Sensors (OPM) Mini Shielded Room Global Field Compensation Coils HEDscan Interface

Wearable Smart Helmet

FieldLine Medical - HEDscan - Helmet - OPM-MEG
  • High density helmets
  • Sensors conform to all head shapes / sizes
  • Auto sensor localization


FieldLine-HEDscan - Picture of the front view of an OPM-MEG Magnetic sensing and imaging chassis in a cabinet
  • Configurable up to 1024 channels
  • Low noise electronics
  • Compatible with 3rd party hardware and software

Quantum Sensors (OPM)

FieldLine-HEDscan-OPM Sensor Technology-Picture of sensor
  • Quantum sensing technology (OPM)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity
  • Bandwidth: true DC to 150 Hz

Mini Shielded Room

FieldLine-HEDscan-Mini MSR- OPM-MEG - Magnetic Shielded Room - angled view of miniroom
  • Can be placed in most rooms of any facility
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements

Global Field Compensation Coils

FieldLine-HEDscan-Chair-Panel Coils-Global Field Compensation
  • Compensates for unwanted fields
  • Reduces noise artifacts
  • Expands movability

HEDscan Interface

FieldLine-HEDscan-Graphic User Interface - front view - chassis interface
  • Custom graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Controls all hardware
  • Record and save scan information as FIF file