FieldLine Timeline

Our journey of HEDscan Medical Device Creation

Boulder, Colorado
FieldLine Inc Established
FieldLine was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating a new MEG device that is affordable, easy to use, and provides greater functionality for researchers and clinicians wanting to understand how brain function varies in healthy versus diseased brains. 
National Institute of Mental Health
Our First Grant Awarded
OPM-MEG Sensor

A wearable high-density MEG system with UOPMS

Our First Grant
Our First Sensor Scan
On XXXXXX we achieved our first MEG scan of xxxxxxx.
XXX Sensor Helmet
First OPM-MEG Helmet

Information about the HEDscan system

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Second Grant Awarded
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2019 - Sept 1
Sensor and Electronics
System #1

Our First Sale was for a xx Sensor array with XXXXX.  The success of the system yeielded the purchasing of xxx  systems over the next year.

Full Bed - Tub Shield
HEDscan - Tube Shield

Tube Shield Information

New Helmet V2
HEDscan - Sensor Chassis

Tube Shield Information

96 Sensor Helmet
OPM-MEG Helmet
FieldLine-HEDscan- Helmet - child wearing helmet

Information about the HEDscan system

January 31
Our First HEDscan
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144 Sensors
HEDscan Helmet
144 Sensor
HEDscan System

Our latest 144 Sensor Helmet with expandible multi chassis, multi-scan helmets for Adults/Children. The system consists of XXXXX