HEDscan is a complete OPM-MEG system that connects hardware and software in one Turn-Key solution. Systems can be customized to meet the needs of the user and expandable up to 144 sensors (288 Channels)

Diagram showing HEDscan system - Helmet - Sensors - MultiChassis - Field Compensation - Shielded Room - Graphic User Interface
  • Sensor positions can be localized to +/- 0.5 mm in under 60s
  • Sensors can be adjusted to contact all head shapes and sizes
  • High density helmet
  • Helmet can be worn freely or mounted to chair or bed
  • Adult helmet fits 99% of adults
  • Adult helmet → up to 144 sensors (288 channels)
  • Sensors can be adjusted to contact all head shapes and sizes
FieldLine Medical - HEDscan - Helmet - OPM-MEG
  • Sensitivity Below 15 ft/√(Hz)
  • Dynamic Range ± 150 nT
  • Bandwidth DC to 150 Hz (3dB)
  • Frequency Response Linearity: <1% up to 100 Hz
  • Maximum Sensor Crosstalk <3%
  • Amplitude Gain Linearity: 1% up to ±150nT
  • 5 mm Standoff distance to center of cell
  • Detachable Cable
FieldLine-HEDscan-OPM Sensor Technology-Picture of sensor
  • Accommodate up to 512 sensors
  • User interface with system controls, real-time data visualization, and recording functionality
  • Digital data output via Ethernet protocol to any computer on network
  • API access to integrate system operation
  • Modular design
  • Plug-n-play installations and over the air (OTA) firmware and software updates
  • Analog and digital output module
  • Smart Helmet controllers module
  • Sensor controllers module
  • Analog and digital input module
  • Panel coil driver module
  • Head localization coils and drivers module
  • Data output into user-specific applications (BCI)
  • Multi-chassis configuration with data and time synchronization
  • Data output via highspeed ethernet connection
  • Each Chassis accommodates 16 modules
  • Modules include:
    • Sensors Controller
    • Smart Helmet
    • HPI
    • Global Coil Field
    • Compensation
    • Analog I/O
    • Digital I/O
FieldLine-HEDscan - Picture of the front view of an OPM-MEG Magnetic sensing and imaging chassis in a cabinet


FieldLine-HEDscan-OPM-MEG 40 Sensor (80 Channel) Chassis-back with additional accessory cards


  • Turn-key operation
  • Fully-integrated, ready-to-go out of the box
  • As shown, can support 192 sensors (384 channels)
  • Expandable to 512 sensors
  • Hyperscanning, multi-subject measurements
HEDscan - Picture of 3 OPM-MEG Magnetic sensing and imaging chassis in a cabinet
  • Multi-axis adjustable helmet arm
  • Can recline
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Mounted or wearable helmets
  • Can accommodate children
  • Adjustable footrest
FieldLine-HEDscan-Chair-Panel Coils-Global Field Compensation

Our redesigned GUI (graphical User Interface) allows the user to completely configure all of the HEDscan hardware and monitor, view and record MEG sensor data. Our GUI is highly configurable and allows for Real TIme Recording, Paradigms, and Studies to be easily configured and consistently administered to subjects or patients.

FieldLine-HEDscan-Graphic User Interface - front view - chassis interface
FieldLine-HEDscan-Graphic User Interface - front view - data visualizer

Data Visualizer

FieldLine-HEDscan-Graphic User Interface - 3D


FieldLine-HEDscan-Mini MSR- OPM-MEG - Magnetic Shielded Room - angled view of miniroom

Mini MSR

FieldLine-HEDscan-Tube Shield- Picture of angled view of OPM-MEG Tube Shield and sliding bed

Tube Shield