Our non-invasive functional brain imaging device will shape the future of neuroscience, neurological treatment, and mental health

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The FieldLine HEDscan system is a non-invasive, painless, silent, wearable magnetoencephalography (MEG) device based on our quantum magnetometer (OPM) sensor technology which passively records magnetic signals from the brain and nervous system without radiation, injections, or large magnetic fields.

Small quantum sensors are placed directly on the head to record and map neural activity with high fidelity. Our light-weight, wearable HEDscan helmets can accommodate people of all ages and head sizes.

Beta-2 Helmet

The HEDscan advantage

Compact room temperature sensors

  • No weekly upkeep and expensive Helium refills
  • Sensors can be placed directly on the head surface for optimal signal quality
  • Allows for natural movement
  • Fits all head shapes and sizes
  • Smaller shields

Helmet allows sensors to conform to the size and shape of any head

  • Provides high imaging fidelity independent of head shape and size
  • Accommodates the entire population from infants to adults
  • Auto sensor localization and co-registration
  • High localization accuracy

Subjects can move naturally during recording

  • Scalable from 1 sensor to 512 sensors
  • Hyperscanning
  • Children and infants no longer need to be anesthetized during recording
  • Expands usability to applications like sleep studies, motor function diagnostics, and more

Smaller magnetic shielded rooms

  • Less expensive – less than $500K
  • Can be placed in most rooms of any facility
  • Can be portable
  • About 5 min prep time

HEDscan platform can be customized to meet the needs of different clinical applications

  • Total system cost – $200K to $1.5M
  • No infrastructure modifications required
  • Lower cost of entry resulting in wide adoption
  • Easy setup
  • Easy updates

MEG combines the fast timing of EEG with the spatial accuracy of fMRI

Network dynamics at the highest temporal, spatial, depth, and frequency resolutions

Experience the freedom of movement with wearable MEG

  • Allows subjects to move naturally during recording
  • Expand usability to new paradigms and applications
  • Simultaneously measure 2+ people and/or 2+ anatomical locations


HEDscan is a compact wearable MEG system enabled by our quantum sensor technology. The high-density Smart Helmet allows the sensors to conform to any head shape and size for maximum signal fidelity. The system is designed as a modular platform that is expandable and fully configurable to meet the needs of the user. Our graphical user interface (GUI) controls all hardware functionality and provides real-time data streaming. Our API can integrate with user-specific applications, hardware, and data.

Compared to scalp EEG:

  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Reference free
  • No direct electrical connection to patient
  • Signals are not distorted by bone and scalp
  • Much faster patient prep time

Compared to fMRI:

  • Direct measure of brain activity with fast timing
  • Similar spatial resolution
  • Silent – more suitable for tasks involving auditory stimulus
  • Movement tolerant – child friendly

Turn-key MEG

Benefits of HEDscan

All head shapes and sizes

Non-Fixed Helmet


Expandable platform

Small shields

Infants to Adults

Allows for movement

Can be placed in any room and facility

Can accommodate additional sensors and helmets

Movable MSR Shields to reduce noise